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Customer Reviews


"I was so excited to first hear about these dolls and journals to launch so that I could recommend to pediatric patients with anxiety! Now seeing them in person I'm even more excited for people to finally have them in their hands. Such an amazing product idea and tool. I hope kids love them just as much as I do!"

- Dr. McMaster, N.D.

"My kids are always sharing their worries with me at bedtime. I was advised by a Counsellor to have my son write his worries down. Since getting this doll set we have created the most wonderful bedtime routine. They share their worries in their journal, we read the book together and they settle in bed with their adorable Worry Pals."

- J.C.

"These sweet dolls and journals are such an amazing resource for kids. The dolls are soo very cute and the journals are so wonderful. This is going to help my boys soo much throughout the years. Thanks for creating this special resource for little ones."

- Corey

“My son’s Worry Pal has become an invaluable tool in our household, bringing comfort during bedtime and offering a reliable source of support during anxious times.”

~ Katie H.

“As an elementary school teacher I’ve witnessed the positive impact of Worry Pals in a classroom setting. Worry Pals has proven to be an excellent tool for teaching social- emotional skills, fostering empathy amongst peers, and encouraging open conversations about emotions.”

~ Erika S.

“As a mother with a daughter that has struggled with worry and anxiety for years we are thrilled to have found Worry Pals. It is every suggestion from our counsellor rolled into one.“

~ Lindsay K.